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Standardized clinical messaging for nursing homes and physicians.

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EHR integrated clinical documentation for nursing home physicians on the go.


Improve access to data with Medlog's PointClickCare integration. Learn how your facility can integrate for free.

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The future of care coordination 


Physicians who practice in facility settings are inundated with messages, but traditional texting wasn't designed for clinical care. 


Medlog’s SmartText is the only platform that standardizes information sharing between physicians & nurses.


With SmartText, communication is specific and consistent allowing physicians and nurses to spend less time on their phones while providing patients with better care. 

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Effectively communicate

Provide patients with better care in less time with standardized problem-based messaging.

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Improve quality of life

Streamlined communication helps to improve quality of life and limits burnout for physicians and nurses.

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Gain new insights

See trends and identify signs between visits that warrant further medical assessment. 

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Automate and integrate

Reduce clerical burden with physician documentation saved directly into the medical record.

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Upgrade your clinical documentation


Physicians who see patients in nursing facilities spend too much time searching for and manually entering data from disparate systems.

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Unify patient data

View patient visit notes, SmartText summaries, labs, reports, & medication lists right from the note.

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Speak, type, and click

Take great notes in less time with SmartDocs templates that allow for elements of the note to be quickly selected, dictated or typed. 


Medlog’s SmartDocs empowers physicians with a single documentation tool for patients across all of their facilities. With SmartDocs, physicians can quickly access patient information and reduce data entry allowing for more time with patients and less time documenting. 

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Access from anywhere

On-demand, cloud-based documentation designed for physicians on the go. 

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Work with us to upgrade your documentation with a customized solution that is optimized for your practice.


Designed for clinicians in
long-term and post-acute care.

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Available on mobile and tablet.

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Medlog integrates with your facility's EHR.