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Upgrade your clinical documentation

SmartDocs pulls patient data from disparate systems simplifying clinical documentation across all your facilities.

Clinical documentation
Clinical documentation
Clinical documentation
Clinical documentation
Clinical documentation
Clinical documentation


SmartDocs creates a 360° view for each patient encounter.

Here's how:

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Integrates with your facility's EHR

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Displays medication list, labs and vitals

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Aggregates previous encounters

Clinical documentation

Cloud-based documentation.

Designed for iPad.

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Clinical documentation, reimagined.

Speak, text or click

Speak, text or click

Unify patient data

Unify patient data

SmartDocs templates are designed to save you time and allow you to quickly select, dictate or type elements of your note. 

View previous visit notes, SmartText summaries, labs, reports, and medication lists right from the note.

Cloud based documentation
Clinical documentation

Access from anywhere

Customize your documentation

On-demand, cloud-based documentation designed for physicians on the go. 

We strive to make physicians’ lives easier and would love to work with you to optimize your clinical documentation. 

EHR Integration


Aggregated patient data at your fingertips

EHR integration

Radically reduce your time spent finding data and documenting your encounters

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SmartText summaries

When using SmartText to coordinate care, Medlog automatically generates documentation that summarizes each patient problem and what was done to address the problem. Physicians can view these summaries directly from SmartDocs, giving them insight into whats been going on with their patients since their last visit. 

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SmartDocs for iPad.

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We integrate with your facility's EHR.

Optimizing your practice has never been easier. 

Practice optimization