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Transforming physician-nurse communication

Medlog is the only app that improves coordination of facility-based care, standardizes patient-center messaging and stores message summaries in the medical record.


The first messaging platform built for standardized care coordination

Medlog's SmartText guides nurses to share problem-specific patient information with your facility's physician so they can make informed clinical decisions with less back and forth. 

Hipaa compliant messaging
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SmartText messages are automatically saved in the EHR.

Medlog generates documentation of SmartText messages and sends them to your EHR ensuring accurate records and saving staff time.

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SmartText guide nurses to share the information necessary to address the patient's problem. 

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Know exactly what information the physician needs 

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Receive clear orders for each patient

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Intuitive sign up and use with no training necessary

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Physicians receive the information necessary to make clinical decisions in one text. 

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Receive the right information, every time

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Less back and forth with nurses

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Improved physician and staff satisfaction

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The efficiency you're looking for. Right from the app store. 

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Optimizing your practice has never been this easy.

Medlog Value Proposition